I hate myself an I want to die. I'm going skiing this weekend and I'm thinking of just making my Suicide look like an accident to spare the trauma for my younger sister so she doesn't have to realize what her older sister did to herself. but what about when they take my bracelets off my wrist and see my scars? I honestly can't wait to get there because of this.

You need to get help, immediately. Your little sister will be destroyed if you die, she looks up to even if you dont realize it. You may think “I’m such a bad example” or something like that but in reality, once you get back on your feet from this whole deal you’ll become a stronger person, someone who you can really be proud to be. Someone your little sister will still look up to and love, you need to be there for her. Because if you do this, if you try and kill yourself, she’ll have no one to look up to. When shes down and needs someone to talk to, who will be there? You need to stick it out for her, and your family. 


Recently, my girlfriend and I have been having trouble because her parents found out we were dating (I'm a girl as well). She was the person I would talk to for help, or advice, and now I can't talk to her anymore. I feel so alone, and I have started to cut again. I've had depression before, but this time it is a lot stronger, I really just hate myself. I developed an eating disorder the past few weeks as well. I don't know what to do... I mean, should I get help, or talk to someone? Thank you.

I understand how you feel, don’t worry. Things will get better, you should get help. It’s worth it, you’ll feel a lot better after talking to a professional. 


whats your email for this? i wanna ask you guys something


Hey I don't know what to do. I'm pursuing a great college but the ways I'm getting there aren't so... Healthy. I've got a 4.6 GPA but it comes with the price of my addictions and mental illnesses. I've been on cocaine, adderall, and cigarettes for a while now and have been bulimic for two years and depressed for three. I cut all the time and have tried suicide twice in the past. My real question here is how can I fix all these problems and still have enough time for school?

School is second before you. You are more important than next weeks quiz or tomorrows test. How can you do your work if you cant even feeling like living? You need to put yourself first before anything at this point in time, talk to a professional. Suicide and cocaine are not the answers to your issues. 


This is for Tor, I want to kill myself. No one loves me, and don't say you do because you don't know me. I just want to go to sleep and never, ever wake up.

Why do you say that? What’s makes you think that no one loves you? I am possitive someone loves you, your mom, your dad, your fucking friends. Killing yourself might be the fast and quick thing to do, but it leaves great pain behind. You need immediate help, these feelings can go away. Go talk to your schools social worker, they will help. Please get help, go talk to someone. 


so i really want to come out to people at my school. the only person that knows is my bestfriend. and i just dont know if i should. i dont know what people will do or how theyll react. i just want to tell people because im tired of hiding it. and im also real insecure and always telling myself "im not good enough" "im not attractive enough" "i hate my life" etc... so im just really confused on if i should tell people or not. and if i do i dont know how i would go about doing it.

Coming out can certainly be a hard a long process. I’m gay and have been out for over a year now, and I feel so much more comfortable with myself and around others now because of it. Now, while things have overall gotten better, I don’t want to lie to you. There will be hard times and there will be rough patches. But you will ultimately be stronger because of it. I’m a big advocate for not coming out until you’re ready. If you feel like you are ready to come out to people and take on the good and the bad, then I say by all means start the process. The hardest people to come out to are 1) yourself and 2) the first person. And you’ve already done both of those! I would suggest talking to the best friend you came out to. They can help you be more specific with who you tell and how you go about doing it. Congratulations and good luck!


You guys are absolutely amazing.

Well thank you. We do our best to try and be there to offer a little advice here and there. 

so something has been bothering me a lot lately. it always does this time of year. 3years ago on feb 12th my boyfriend, my first real boyfriend took my virginity. it was unwillingly. im only 4'11" and he was 6'4" at the time and he over powered me. he held my mouth so i couldnt scream and when i would go to bite him he would push harder, making it more painful and making me cry hysterically. ive never gone to anyone about this, its been so long i dont really think it matters. how will it go away

I’m not going to scold you for not reporting it as soon as possible, but you should have though. There is no time limit on rape convictions, it just will be very though to prove it actually happened to a court and jury. It can be done though, you will need to seek legal advice and a legal representative. I know it was not your main priority, there’s a lot of shit happening and many feel embarrassed when this sorta thing happens. You were raped, I can’t even imagine how you must feel. You need to find a social worker at school, they are there to listen to you always and comfort you. They are there for you, go sooner than later.


Hey Tor, I'm the one who posted earlier about an eating disorder. Sorry if I wasn't very clear, but I already have help for my ED. That's not what my issue is; that's been mostly resolved and I'm working with people. My question was just how to deal with my friend who I told and seems to be dealing with it awkwardly. I was wondering if that was normal, or how I can clear things up with him.

Everyone handles things differently. It’s hard to say that it is “normal”. You should clear things up with him though! Telling him that you are getting help, I think it will be a relief. 


I've had depression for 4 years and been cutting for 3 years. I haven't cut in a week or two. I had anorexia last year and it wasn't THAT bad, but i lost 20 pounds in less than a month without anyone noticing. My depression got so much worse after that and now it's terrible, i'm at my lowest point and my eating disorder is back, as well as bulimia. It's worse than ever. I lost 5 pounds in the past 2 days. I don't know what to do. I hate myself so much. I'm scared.

I know what you’re going through. It may feel like you’re at your lowest point, but that only means it’s going to get better from this point on. I’m proud of you that you have not cut in about two weeks. Keep that up! Your life is absolutely more important then anything at this point in time. As for your eating disorder, I understand thats tough too, i suffered myself from one for about 7 years. No matter how hard it is take baby steps to putting an end to that. Maybe eat one more meal then usual, or don’t get yourself sick. Look in the mirror everyday and tell yourself one thing you love about your body instead of one thing you hate. These things may seem unimportant and not useful but they most certainly are. If you want to feel better you have to be open to change. It’s hard don’t get me wrong but it works. I would in your case go to a professional, if you are not already. They will be able to work with you and get you back to that point of loving yourself. No one deserves to be afriad. Remember YOU ARE IMPORTANT! If you have a mirror in your room i suggest writing on it with lipstick and saying “I’m Beautiful, I’m Smart, & I’m Important”. Read that everyday because it’s true. Everything IS going to get better. Just believe in yourself, other people do want to help you. Opening up is just the first step. <3